A Gran Fondo is a long distance cycling competition that take place in a pre-defined route, and an extraordinary way to test your boundaries. With Gran Fondos happening everywhere throughout the world like flowers in spring, the alternatives can overpower. We’ve picked a couple that will fill in as inspiration to prepare for your next cycling get-away and help you figure out your ideal ride.

Ronde Van Vlaanderen Cyclo

Ronde van Vlaanderen is, indeed, a favorite spring classic among cyclists. Initiated in 1913, the first race was peddled along the same cobbled route pros cycle today. The entire nation grinds to a halt on race day as this Gran Fondo gives cyclists the chance to go pro for a day. Streets are shut from Brugge to Oudenaarde, and the atmosphere is absolutely amazing. Keep an eye out for those cobblestones; a tip from pros: remain upright and brace yourself for a rough ride!

L’eroica Di Gaiole in Chianti

This different from the traditional Gran Fondos. To acknowledge and respect the history and culture of cycling, you need to race on a cycle manufactured before 1987 to enter this race. All towns you cycle through Leroica Italy tour are in full festive form, with some riders and spectators wearing vintage garments. The journey is picture perfect, offering all the magnificence of classic Tuscan scenes with wheat fields and cypress trees on unpaved streets and classic designs feature.

Maratona Dles Dolomites

This race has a reputation for being one of the greatest, most energetic, and most messy cycle races on Earth. The Dolomites mountain valley itself is breathtaking and has a vastly different feel than the Alps or Pyrenees. The three courses of the race are ruthless, so don’t expect much level riding. Maratona Dles Dolomites tours will bring you to the same area Giro cycling tours will take you. But this time, the experience will be quite different.

Forrest Grape Ride

The typical 101-kilometer race is a ride on an Instagram worthy track laying across some of New Zealand’s most wonderful landscape. For those still testing waters, the Kiwis also have a 42-kilometer “tester course.” Once the race is over, there is no lack of wine and food—you can even dive into a wine barrel to smash the grapes for next year’s batch.

Cape Town Cycle Tour

The Cape Argus Cycle race is a major sports festival in South Africa, and will keep running for the 40th year in 2018. As the biggest coordinated ride on the planet, 35,000 cyclists will peddle every year to ride the 109-kilometer course through breathtaking landscape. Furthermore, during the entire course roads will be closed, transforming roadsides into a vibrant festival.